Words and Photos by Dave MacIntyre

Cherry Cola’s in Toronto was drenched in crushing waves of noise when Tonemirror took over the stage last Thursday. The local duo consisting of Jake Lehman on guitars and vocals and Robby Sedran on drums, play what they describe as “dreamy rock music”, but there is darkness and desperation both in the lyrics and music that identifies more closely with fitful nightmares, than peaceful slumber filled with visions of fluffy clouds and unicorns.

The band’s latest single “Drag Me”, brings to mind The Cure’s early catalogue, as Lehman sings almost casually about being taken to the woods and drowned in a lake amidst an undertow of reverb that washes over the room like dark water. In some of Lehman’s other vocals, we hear the channeled pain and frustration characteristic of Cobain combined with the driving urgency in the drums and guitars of The Smashing Pumpkins.

For such a young band, there already exists maturity in the lyrical expressions and experimentation in the music that suggests this band will not remain static, but continuously evolve.

We can’t wait to see where they’ll take us next.

 Check out Tonemirror’s Bandcamp and Facebook pages.