lendanearPart 25!  It’s hard to believe that almost 2 years ago, we posted the very first Shoegazer playlist on Step On Magazine.  Since then, we’ve discovered so many great bands of the genre, and its multitude of sub-genres. and have them play live.  Even more extraordinary, we’ve made so many great new friends through this music that celebrates itself, and for that we are most grateful.

On playlist 25, we feature my the newest and coolest in Shoegaze, Dream Pop, noise, etc. scoured from the massive SoundCloud universe including Blurred City Lights, cigarette in your bed, Whimsical, Wild Meadows, Miniatures, FOREVR, Seashine, Horsefish, Jesu, and My Invisible Friend.

Remember to support independent artists by following the bands on their social pages, buying the music, and best of all, seeing them live if they visit your town.

Dave MacIntyre