After seeing their jaw-dropping performance at Shiiine On Weekender 2015, learning that Thousand Yard Stare would return for the 2nd instalment of the festival was definitely cause for celebration. Prior to that first Shiiine, we knew very little about the 5-piece out of Slough, but was assured by newly met friends that it wasn’t to be missed. The performance instantly secured a place on our top-10 list of concerts for 2015 and made us fans for life.

Playing this time around at Centre Stage, the after main-stage hotspot (not to mention superior sounding room), Stephen Barnes and the lads threatened to blow the roof off the building, firing off a relentless slew of guitar driven indie rock that quickly drew in spectators and packed the room Saturday night. Throughout the set, Barnes prowled the stage like a caged panther pointing at fans while singing out key TYS lyrics. We were treated to massive sounding versions of “Keepsake”,“Version of Me”, personal favourite “Comeuppance”, and “Wonderment” before the band left the stage while fans called for more.

The performance at Shiiine On Weekender marked the end of a string of UK shows and their first tour in 23 years. We can only hope that Thousand Yard Stare got as much out of it as we did and will continue on with more dates and perhaps even a new record.

Words and photos by Dave MacIntyre