After two years of online production at, we’re going into print!

Our first-ever print & digital edition January Yearbook, expected to be ready for shipping on January 13th, 2017, will include special & new exclusive features including BIG NEW interviews and rarely seen music photos as well as some of our greatest hits, New Best of Lists and Recommendations for music in 2017.

We are happy to announce that the Yearbook will include a brand new feature / exclusive interview with Rowetta of Happy Mondays, who’s worked closely with Peter Hook & the Light, Hacienda Classical, The Winachi Tribe and is creator / co-creator of many dance music collaborations of the past few years. This busy artist and singer is just as busy offstage as on, yet always has time for fans, giving back to worthy causes in the community, and people like us!

Also in this issue: The Best Gigs/ Tours of the Year *Music Festival Round Up* Best & new in Indie from UK, US, Canada and beyond * Best in Shoegaze * The Year Ahead * Exclusive and rare music & fine art photography * All new Giveaways and Merch.

More brand new and exclusive features to be included in this issue will be announced on our website and social media in the weeks leading up to the launch.

This Print Edition Yearbook Magazine will be a professionally bound magazine (8.5 x11″) approximately 60 pages and will be $9.99. Link to order: HERE

All buyers will also receive the digital version of the magazine as a high resolution flip book at no charge via email around the same time (which is also sold separately for $4.99). Link to order: HERE

bully-poster-1 It’s now been two years, over 600 original features, playlists, interviews, reviews and photo galleries (& counting), untold gigs & shutter clicks, great conversations in crowds and meeting fellow music lovers around the world, a dizzying number of music festivals on two continents, over 30 playlists hundreds of new band discoveries & introductions and even many film reviews for when we are sitting still and not at gigs. We’ve found that it’s very true, that you get what you give, and participation and interest means everything, that you can affect positive change by getting involved. It’s been a dizzying adventure of community building and great music that we are happy to be expanding, and to share our evolution with you.

Our magazine was created by two music & film lovers, a writer and a photographer, who wanted to create something unique, substantial, sincere, and authentic. So many of our finest bands from the 80s, & 90s are still going, back on the road, celebrating important anniversaries. The great indie & emerging bands we’ve discovered and met and seen live give us such hope, and teach us new sounds.
And as an unexpected feature of this adventure, we’ve made friends and learned from so many artists across the spectrum and at all levels of the music world.

Thank you all for your work in music, especially the difficult commitment to play it and tour it live today. We buy the T-Shirts & the music and we celebrate you all.