The Past Will Live Forever by Brooklyn electronic duo Occurrence, embarks on an auditory journey through dark, moody, cyber-landscapes, that stimulate chilly feelings of isolation, the stomach burning acidity of lust-filled loneliness, and the numbing acceptance after reflecting back on a life wasted, or never even begun, in a tech-obsessed world.  The stories are told through vocally beautiful songs and spoken phrase, backed by rich synths and bass lines reminiscent of early Orbital and The Crystal Method.  On vinyl, the combination sounds superb.

As hopeless as the songs may be thematically, The Past Will Live Forever doesn’t leave you feeling depressed.  Instead, by illuminating the multitude of intense emotional struggles that people deal with every day, the songs encourage self-reflection and inspire change.  After all, we still have control over the skin we’re in, unlike our friend in “Skin For The Win”.

Dave MacIntyre