1. Television – Marquee Moon “I recall- lightning struck itself” (Marquee Moon)
2. Broken Water – Drown (Tempest)
Broken Water – Drown on Bandcamp
3. Nothing – Guilty of Everything (Guilty of Everything)
4. Kraftwerk – Kometenmelodie 2 (Comet Melody 2) (Autobahn)
5. Kraftwerk – Mitternacht (Midnight)
6. Fugazi  Foreman’s Dog (End Hits)
7. Fugazi – Place Position (End Hits)
8. The Oh Sees – Warm Slime (Warm Slime)
9. The Oh Sees – I Was Denied (Warm Slime)

“I flew right by and surveyed the scene / I was denied, it felt like a dream
So I flew away, with a friend of mine / I got got fucked up, suffice to say
La la la la la” – “I Was Denied”

10.The Cure – Grinding Halt (Boys Don’t Cry)
11. Lou Reed – Perfect Day (Transformer)
12. Lou Reed – Andy’s Chest (Transformer)
13. The Spoons – Old Emotions (Talkback)
14. Mimico – Cloud City (Incantations)

15. The Clash – Bankrobber/Robber dub (Black Market Clash)
16. The Cure – A Forest (Tree Mix) (Mixed Up)
17. Blondie – Rapture
18. The Cure – The Top (The Top)
19. The Cure – The Empty World (The Top)

“As stiff as toys and tall as men /And swaying like the wind torn trees
She talked about the empty world / with eyes like poison birds
She talked about the armies / That marched inside her head
And how they made her dreams go bad
But oh how happy she was / How proud she was
To be fighting in the war / In the empty world – “The Empty World”

20. Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign (Star Sign 12″ single)
21. Johnny Marr – Playland (Playland)
22. Johnny Marr – Candidate (Playland)
23. U2 – Gloria – (Under a Blood Red Sky (live 12:)
24. Joy Division – She’s Lost Control (Closer to the Unknown Treasures Vol. 2) (Vinyl bootleg)
25. Freak Heat Waves – A Civil Servant Awakening – (Bonnie’s State of Mind)
Freak Heat Waves-A Civil Servant Awakening on Bandcamp
26. Martha and the Muffins – Suburban Dreams – (Trance and Dance)
27. Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark… (Born in the U.S.A.)
28. Neil Young – …After the Gold Rush (After the Gold Rush)
29. Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (After the Gold Rush)
(Selections 25 & 26: A.K.A. “The Bum Battle”)

Our liner notes:
2. This album is our new obsession and it’s only a loaner. What a discovery thanks to our friend. 4. (Not often we hear something that sounds like a direct influence on The Cure, they hide it too well and were innovating before we were licenced to drive. But here is something. And so.) 21. Seriously, the whole thing. 23. No. He’s not chanting in Latin, is he? A vintage surviving record of my teens but may be curb-bound. 24. Was gifted to us. 27/28: The Great Bum Battle of Early 2017.

With thanks to Brody for the loan of some of your records and for initiating “Vinyl Night” for us in a big way a few months back.

Vinyl Night: Here’s What We’re Spinning Part 1