This Modern Hope is a new, London-based, indie rock project, launched by singer songwriter Rob Payne. The group combines slow, deliberate melodies with delicate vocals to give a dreamy, reflective sound. Their new album Horizon is available for pre-order at Pledgemusic, a site designed for up and coming musicians to promote new releases. If you pre-order the record there, you can also pledge to receive special merchandise like vinyl pressings of the album and handwritten lyric sheets.

The group combines genres like alternative, singer/songwriter, indie, and dream pop to bring a beautiful but vulnerable energy to listeners. There is a pretty, ethereal quality to their music that is on trend with both European and US indie scenes. Payne expresses soreness and reflection with pentatonic, spindly riffs and a highly effective use of piano. Vocals are hushed but confident, enhanced by different trippy effects. At times their lyrics are faint and reminiscent, and at others they are vulnerable, almost falling apart. Payne has a bare naked approach to songwriting that is demonstrated well throughout the record.

This is a record that is going to thrive on vinyl, enhanced with even more of the warm, rounded sound This Modern Hope embraces. I look forward to watching their progression after the record is released late in the spring.

Liz Peña