Dream-pop duo The Dream Eaters have just dropped their debut full length album We Are A Curse.

Formed in 2015, The Dream Eaters is comprised of Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron. Zavracky and LeBaron met while they were both bartending in Brooklyn, one having moved from Boston and the other from Vancouver (respectively). When they realized that they were fellow musicians, they started with Zavracky writing music for LeBaron. After realizing how well their voices blended together, the duo began recording and performing as “Jake and Elizabeth.” When their sound had matured and blossomed into something grand, the duo changed their name to The Dream Eaters.

They released their self-produced EP Five Little Pills last summer, a precursor to their debut album. Released on April 14th, We Are A Curse is available for purchase in physical and digital formats via Bandcamp.

So what can music lovers expect from this enigmatic duo? Well, ethereal melodies and masterful harmonizing is the basic way to describe the music on We Are A Curse. Transcendent Shoegaze and entrancing Dream-pop is another way to describe the music. Yet these labels don’t quite do The Dream Eaters’ music justice.

Perhaps the best way to describe their music is as something truly original. Like milk in the ear and honey on the soul, The Dream Eaters’ music is lush, lavish, and extraordinary. With the vocals as the primary focus of each song, and the instruments and electronic effects rounding out the melodies, the harmonies on We Are A Curse are unlike anything that has come before it. Truly, it sounds like Zavracky’s and LeBaron’s voices were meant to come together and create this angelic music.

Each track on the album differs from the others, something that must have been difficult with such an original sound. “Neanderthals” features a dominating beat that brings to mind the psychedelic pop music from The Beatles during the late 60s and early 70s. Then there is the melodious “Dots” and the heavenly “Sugar Coma.” Both tracks feature the stunning vocals of Zavracky and LeBaron, but it is in “Sugar Coma” that the harmonies take central stage. This is the track that will give listeners frisson: that telltale shiver up the spine that leaves a person breathless.

However, despite the undeniable beauty of The Dream Eaters’ music, their songs are also somewhat ironic. For instance, in the title track “We Are A Curse” the lyrics “We are a curse, / We are the worst” are repeated throughout the song. Yet, as per their signature sounds, the song doesn’t feel anything like a curse. But if one were to look at the track in context of the rest of the album, it seems like The Dream Eaters are touching on larger themes and even a bit of social commentary.

We Are A Curse is definitely an album worth checking out. And with their original and unique sound, The Dream Eaters are a duo that we should keep our eyes on and our ears open to.

Keep up with The Dream Eaters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and be sure to check out their website. And check to see if they are playing live near you this summer.

Reviewed by Samantha Stevens

Upcoming shows:
May 10 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY
May 12 – 1984 – Wilmington, DE
May 19 – Amity Teen Center – Woodbridge, CT
May 20 – Light Club Lamp Shop – Burlington, VT
June 7 – Epicure Cafe – Fairfax, VA
June 16 – Pete’s Candy Store – Brooklyn, NY
July 13 – Siren Records – Doylestown, PA
July 27 – The Fez – Stamford, CT
July 29 – Manhattan Pizza & Pub – Burlington, VT
August 24 – The Plough and Stars, Cambridge, MA
August 25 – Mocha Maya’s Coffee Pub & Music Venue – Shelburne Falls, MA
August 26 – Superfresh! Organic Cafe – Brattleboro, VT