Franz Ferdinand, Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, June 2, 2017

Franz Ferdinand played an electrifying and satisfying set, Friday night at the Danforth Music Hall. Although there were few flashy lights and effects like what you’d expect from a concert at the ACC, the band made it work.

Throughout the show, the atmosphere was lively and the audience was astonishingly loud. They managed to dance along the whole night, regardless of how cramped it was. Everyone in the first 6 rows or so were standing very close to each other and it was extremely hot. Thankfully, the band was a great distraction from the heat.

The Glasgow group, who became famous in 2004 with their self-titled debut album, graced the packed venue around 9PM. One of the best parts about the concert was how intimate it was. There were no barriers, which allowed fans at the front to have a more personal experience. Closer to the end of show, frontman Alex Kapranos tried to crowd surf for a few minutes. Even though he wasn’t completely successful, it was still thrilling to watch and wouldn’t be possible at a larger venue.

The highlight of the show was their performance of one of their biggest hits, “Do You Want To.” It sounded a bit faster than the original recording and truly moved the audience. Everyone was vigorously dancing and singing along to the lyrics. Kapranos’ singing was clear and perfectly toned. The best part was how engaging he was. He made the crowd continuously chant, “Lucky lucky, you’re so lucky,” and ran to each side of the stage to motivate everyone to join in. Before continuing the rest of song, he waited until he was satisfied with the level of noise in the venue. The only drawback to this performance was that the band members didn’t really sing along to the “do do do do…” part in the chorus like they seem to do in the music video.

The way Kapranos addressed and chatted with the crowd also stood out. He talked about how happy the band was to be in Toronto and how cool of a city it was. Then, he told a story about how some of his friends just immigrated to Toronto. This really set the mood of the night and made the concert feel like something more than just a series of performances. It gave the concert heart and made the audience connect with the band.

Their second song of the night, “No You Girls” was especially memorable. Kapranos started the song off in a deep voice, which really hooked the audience in. His movements were sensual and in accordance with the lyrics, “Oh, kiss me. Lick your cigarette, then kiss me.” He also starting jumping as the song became louder and faster which dazzled the crowd. To be honest, Kapranos was altogether engaging and wild throughout but the rest of the band was stiff. Kapranos was unquestionably the star of the show.

Franz Ferdinand cleverly ended with “This Fire” which totally entranced the crowd. Everyone was clapping along to the beat and continuously singing, “This fire is out of control. I’m going to burn this city. Burn this city.” Overall, the venue was incredibly hot and really did feel like it was on fire. However, no one could divert their attention away from the band who was completely captivating and charming the entire night.

By Arielle Azmon