The Sinking Feeling are set to release their newest EP entitled One, on June 24th, via Gold Mold Records, but here is your chance to listening to it right now!

The Glasgow 3-piece have already put out several quality releases and have won over a solid cult following in their hometown, and across the United Kingdom.  The band is testament to the fact that you can take crushing self-doubts and turn them into something else. With three totally unique personalities and backgrounds, The Sinking Feeling converge on subjects of depression and loss, each with their own trials, and each contributing to the unique dynamic that proves there is beauty and worth in every tribulation.

The band had this to say about the 3 songs on the new EP.

Standard” is about trying to reclaim your identity as an individual after the end of a problematic relationship and struggling to find a place which you fit in as part of the world around you. Depicted in the video is a life spent with friends in bars and making music, contrasted against decaying urban interiors and televisions all playing the same standardized footage. This dichotomy between finding meaning in life through relationships while struggling for direction is a central theme of the song and EP.

Woah” centers around using harmful vices to block out thoughts brought on by attempting to go “cold turkey” from antidepressant medication. Then failing to find something more worthwhile to do apart from drinking and doing drugs.

Mary” is about Kenni’s rocky relationship with his mother and addresses feelings of abandonment, pride and not becoming something just to please or impress your family.

You can check the guys out live on the following dates:

Wednesday, June 21st – Stirling, Mediterranea
Thursday, June 22nd – Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s
Friday, June 23rd – Dundee, Conroy’s Basement
Saturday, June 24th – Glasgow, The Old Hairdressers
Sunday, June 25th – Leeds, Santiago
Thursday, June 29th – Liverpool, Maguire’s Pizza Bar
Friday, June 30th – Newcastle, Think Tank Underground

To pre-order the new release, visit the Gold Mold Records Bandcamp page.

And now, the music……