MIMICO creeps up on you with hypnotic, steady, rhythms and loops, over which are laid often subtle, evocative vocals. The music is of a loosely connected current crop of sounds (found through wide music searches on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and through word-of-mouth) which has brought innovation and freshness to the Toronto scene, as well as to the mostly borderless world of online Indie mag music curation.

Incantations, the band’s 2015 release, is the latest in the band’s semi-regular output of new tracks and EPs since 2011, and this new and full release is where we discovered them. In the fashion of the way so much good music travels today, amid blinding & deafening advertising for dreadful corporate Franken-Pop, it was through a friend sharing the music with his medium-sized circle on Facebook. The record has been part of DISARM Magazine’s process of vinyl re-discovery, and seamlessly mixes with so much of our eclectic collection that it offers constant surprise.

The unassuming three-piece outfit is also part of that breed of musicians that is an Indie lovers’ Indie band and is worth all the accolades that they won’t go hunting for and so deserve. They are quiet. Their online presence is yet a cipher. They’re elusive. The music speaks (well) for itself. But MIMICO is steadily building buzz off their recent appearance at CMW in Toronto (at The Baby G) as well as a big-stage gig playing The Danforth Music Hall at Do Make Say Think’s recent album release party for Stubborn Persistent Illusions. (DMST’s Justin Small produced Mimico’s album). MIMICO also shared a stage with NYC’s pioneering Shogazers, The Veldt, on their Toronto stop last year.

Incantations is a solid album which explores the unique sounds that MIMICO has been crafting over a couple of years as they meld “Psychedelic Industrial Goth Prog” sounds that could also be described as “Twin Peaks-ish” “Toronto Psych”. It all builds with careful layers that sound mathematical without being boring, and live, vocals are traded off while a lot of sounds are blended and merged with the ease of people who’ve taken their time to get here, building into a wall of sound that is harder to hear on the vinyl played reasonably in shared dwellings.

It’s exciting, it’s new, and it easily won over the crowd including those who were there for DMST and are now undoubtedly fans of both bands.

MIMICO plays The Baby G July 18th with Re- Tros.

Words by Jacqueline Howlett.  Photos by Dave MacIntyre.

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