Depeche Mode played Toronto’s Air Canada Centre tonight in support of their newest album Spirit. The epic in scope Global Spirit world tour, for the legendary band’s 14th release, hits Toronto and Montreal before embarking on an extensive tour of American cities throughout September and October. America is theirs (British as they yet are) and they have a unique significance even among the very few 80s New Wave bands that have succeeded in that make-or-break place, historically documented in the essential concert album and film Depeche Mode 101 (which was filmed and recorded, famously, in Pasadena in 1988).

In this part of the world, 2014’s Delta Machine tour is well-remembered as rivaling their best, even among die-hard fans that never miss a tour. The band is so endlessly energetic and vital, leaving it all on the stage and with such an enviable back catalogue of what are now called “bangers” (but are really stacked with just the most operatic, grand, vivid synth rock music) that a visit with them turns any night, any city, the most soulless stadium, into a living place of worship where music shows its fullest power. They left us, back in 2014, changed, shattered. Lifelong fans, carved in stone. We are so happy to have them back. Don’t miss them. Canadian fans in the west can still catch Depeche Mode at the end of the U.S. leg (late October) when they return to Vancouver and Edmonton.

Photo Gallery by Disarm’s Dave MacIntyre