Brooklyn Psych rockers BIRDS have released Everything All At Once via Greenway Records and it’s a record to take notice of.  The spatter patterned vinyl on its own is a piece of art and would make a stunning sun catcher to illuminate a room in psychedelic patterns of blue and red, but it’s really what comes through the speakers that makes Everything All At Once stand out.

Comprised of eight songs, the record is a fast-paced listen, but strides along like a well composed harness race, not rushed, but steady.  The vocal melodies are pleasant and catchy, reminiscent of early 90s Surf-Rock and Garage, but there is an undeniable grit in the noisy guitars that give it plenty of modern day edge.  Fans of bands like The Strokes will find the easy flowing chord progressions pleasing and will appreciate the straightforwardness of the song structures, yet there is a freshness to the music that makes BIRDS stand apart from whomever may have inspired them.

Everything All At Once is a welcome addition to Disarm’s regular rotation and is sure to catch the attention of inquisitive listeners and undoubtedly raise the question “who is this?” at our local vinyl night.

Stand out songs:  “Scatter”, “Get Away”, “I Can’t Wait”

Dave MacIntyre