Jessamines is Miniatures’ debut album since forming in 2012. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, their signature aesthetic has developed to incorporate airy feminine harmonies weaved into a heavy-use of synth and distortion. I don’t personally have synesthesia (though I wish I did), but this music is so textured that you can’t help but evoke images of thickly painted pastel watercolours.

“Try” is a sweet opener with waves of sounds as light as air inviting you into the album. The title song “Jessamine” also shines through with its harmonies. However, while individually these tracks are quite beautiful, the album as a whole can get noisy. It simply becomes a blender full of sounds at some points. There is also a definite inclination for Dream Pop to sound eerily same-same. This unfortunately seems to happen when vocals don’t stand out from above the music and when the lyrics become unintelligible. However, there are key breaks from this throughout Jessamines. “Silent Tide” lends a respite in its allowance of space to penetrate the noise and “Without Saying” showcases some heavier guitar riffs.

It seems Miniatures has done all this with purpose. The music is not there to sit under vocals. The vocals blend into the music just as the guitars blend into the drums. Justice would truly be given to Jessamines when played live.

Miniatures are releasing Jessamines on October 6th, via Saint Marie Records.

Jane Liang