These days, Max Cavalera is a busy man. Between being the front man for Soulfly, he shares a musical project with his brother Igor called Cavalera Conspiracy, and also takes part in the supergroup known as Killer Be Killed. Before all this, Cavalera worked on half a dozen studio albums with Sepultura during his stint as their vocalist. The Brazilian-born musician has toured with each of these bands and has amassed a devoted following as a result.

Until recently, there was band he never toured as. Nailbomb was never a full band, but rather a dual collaboration between Cavalera and Alex Newport of 90s sludge rock outfit Fudge Tunnel. Together they released Nailbomb’s sole studio album, Point Blank, in 1994. And with the aid of fellow musicians, they were able to play one live show in 1995. That was the last anyone heard of Nailbomb until this fall when Soulfly decided to hit the road to perform Point Blank in its entirety during a month-long tour.

On November 2nd, Soulfly made a stop at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Florida along with four openers. The night began with local act, Accursed Creator. This band is led by the piercing highs and guttural growls of a female vocalist and backed by the sound of technical death metal instrumentals. Considering the location and overall nature of the event, these guys and gal made an impeccable start for the evening. Following Accursed Creator was Lody Kong, consisting of two of Max Cavalera’s sons following in their father’s footsteps with their own brand of sludgy music. The brothers would later return to the stage for Soulfly’s headlining set. Next up was Noisem. Musically, the band is an attacking, uninhibited, blend of thrash and death metal that didn’t let up from the first to last note of the trio’s set. Harm’s Way appeared as the penultimate performers on the bill. As self-described hardcore, their songs were much more down tempo and groove oriented than the preceding bands. Last but not least, Soulfly played Point Blank from front to back.

This tour lands on a break from another tour in which Max and Igor are performing Sepultura’s 1996 release Roots in full, and ends just before the release of Cavalera Conspiracy’s Psychosis LP on November 17th. Even when on a break, Max Cavalera doesn’t slow down.

Review and photos by Tyler Spivey