On Friday November 3, 2017 Celtic rockers Flogging Molly played to a near capacity crowd of kilt and Doc Marten wearing fans at the iconic Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Flogging Molly gigs are always a high energy affair, and tonight would prove to be no different.

Flogging Molly has been a trend setting driving force in the Celtic rock scene for over twenty years and is a Vanguard Records recording artist currently touring in support of their latest album Life is Good. Flogging Molly band members include Dave King on guitar and vocals, Bridget Regan on whistle, violin and vocals, Dennis Casey on guitar and vocals, Nathan Maxwell on bass and vocals, Bob Schmidt on banjo, mandolin and vocals, Matt Hensley on accordion, and Mike Alonso on drums.

Flogging Molly took the stage to “The Hand of John L. Sullivan” which starts a bit on the slow side but rapidly turns into a shit-kicking Irish dance tune, turning the venue into a massive circle pit of bodies going in every direction. Flogging Molly music is rather unique; they’ve recorded nine albums (six studio, three live) in their twenty years on the job and all of their music is as relevant today as it was when originally released. The set continued with a mixture of old and new songs including “Float”, “Swagger,” “Life is Good”,  “The Seven Deadly Sins”, and “Saints and Sinners” to name a few. By the time the set was up, Flogging Molly played a total of eighteen songs including the encore. Flogging Molly totally owned the crowd from start to finish, gradually taking them to the point of no return where the venue was in an absolute frenzied state. Being a bit Irish, I would describe a Flogging Molly show, as a night of seriously good craic!

Visit Flogging Molly’s website at WWW.FloggingMolly.com for more info including shows in your area.

Anti-Flag was the second band of the night and are punk rockers from the Steel City, Pittsburgh PA. Anti-Flag are veterans to the punk scene and have been around since 1988. They’re a Spinefarm Records recording artist whose latest album American Fall just dropped this past Friday. Anti-Flag band members are Justin Sane on guitar and vocals, Chris Barker on bass and vocals, Pat Thetic on drums, and Chris Head on guitar and vocals. Anti-Flag’s music reflects frustration, anger and outrage over the current American political system, which means these guys have a ton of shit to write songs about!

Anti-Flag took the stage and played a diverse set that included several songs off their album released on show day including “American Attraction”, “The Criminals”, “Racists”, and “Liar”. Anti-Flag has an intense stage game with Bassist Chris Barker jumping off amplifiers twenty feet in the air and Justin Sane working the crowd to insanity. The band is a legit, killer live band who are headliners in their own right, and were an absolutely brilliant addition to this show.

Check out Anti-Flag at www.Anti-Flag.com for all related news including music and shows

Opening the night was folk-punker / indie artist Jon Snodgrass hailing from Fort Collins Colorado. His last album Five State Record was released under the Hometown Caravan label in 2011 and was a good addition to an already killer line up.

I would like to thank Flogging Molly, Anti-Flag and Jon Snodgrass for a night of great music, and the staff of the Electric Factory in Philly, specifically the security staff who had my back the entire night. To see what is going on at the Electric Factory, head on over to their website at www.electricfactory.info.

Review and photos by Patrick Gilrane