Earlier this year, Meltdown Fest announced that Robert Smith would curate the festival’s 25th installment. And as expected, the bands announced on the first wave are fantastic setting social media ablaze with fan excitement, much like The Cure did on the day they announced their 40th Anniversary concert at Hyde Park.

So who’s performing at this year’s Meltdown Fest?  How’s this for starters?

Deftones, The Libertines, Manic Street Preachers, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, The Psychedelic Furs, 65daysofstatic, Alcest, The Anchoress, The Church, Kathryn Joseph, Kristin Hersh, Mono, and The Notwist

Robert Smith had this to say:

Curating this 25th Meltdown festival is a dream come true, a fantastic experience… albeit getting 60 wonderful artists, including many of my all time favourites, to come together for 10 days in June is not without its challenges – as one of my predecessors noted, it is akin to figuring out a giant psychedelic puzzle… But as each invitee confirms, as each shimmering piece falls into place, I pinch myself – this is really happening… And the complete picture will undoubtedly be out of this world!