Spring is finally (sort of?) in the air in Toronto, which for us means it’s time to leave our hibernation dens, stretch out our winter kinks, and pack into as many of the over 40 venues hosting a massive assortment of bands descending on the city for Canadian Music Week.  Chances are we’ll raise a few pints while we’re at it.

Now in its 36th year, CMW spans 7 days (May 7th to 13th) and not only attracts some of the best artists around the globe as marquee highlighters, but opens a great opportunity to discover new music from artists we’ve not yet heard of.

Fact is, we’ve had some of our most memorable CMW nights when we’ve not made any plans at all and hopped from venue to venue to see a bunch of great bands we’ve known nothing about . The multi-evening/multi-venue format of the festival makes the opportunity for discovery boundless.

If you need some headline names for enticement, these are a few of the bands that have us most excited this year:

Acid Dad, Alice Glass, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Caveboy, DJWindows98, Midnight Shine, Mimico, Moon King, Sloan, and The Sword.

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface. Spend some time cruising the website to get a grasp on the full scope of bands the festival will be hosting.

Did we mention there are several music conferences and networking opportunities, as well as a comedy and film fest too?

For full details about Canadian Music Week and to buy your wristbands, visit HERE