Fans in Toronto proved they just can’t get enough of Depeche Mode by filling the Air Canada Centre for the second time since the band first performed the Global Spirit Tour here nine months earlier.  Original members Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher were accompanied by Christian Eigner on drums, and Peter Gordeno on keys and backing vocals.

Pulling music from eight of their fourteen studio releases, the earliest of which was 1983’s Construction Time Again, Depeche Mode thrilled the packed arena with a perfectly balanced mix of both new and old, during which Gahan encouraged the audience to heartily sing the choruses.  And as we’ve grown to expect from past Depeche Mode shows, Gahan never stands still.  Yet despite wildly twirling, posing, strutting, and dancing, throughout the entire set, the charismatic front man never runs out of breath.  Although a certainly more stationary performer, Gore commands just as much attention and adoration from fans.  And what he doesn’t display in physical showmanship, he more than makes up for with his work on guitar and impeccable vocal power.

Beyond the incredible spectacle happening live on stage was an absolutely fantastic video accompaniment being projected above.  The choice of projections, particularly during “In Your Room”, which featured an amazing choreographed dance sequence between a man and woman, complemented the music rather than distracted from it, a welcome change from some large arena shows.

Depeche Mode performed a main set of sixteen songs and four during the encore.  Highlights of the night included “It’s No Good”, “Precious”, “World In My Eyes”, and “Everything Counts”.  Backing vocals by Gordeno on Gore’s numbers including “The Things You Said” and “I Want You Now” were spot on.  The night ended big with knock out performances of “Walking In My Shoes”, “A Question Of Time”, and “Personal Jesus”.

Review and Photos by Dave MacIntyre