Crystal Lake Music Fest hosted its second year of live music on July 27th to the 29th.  Hosted in a natural setting in Grey County, Ontario, this year’s lineup included The Sadies, Spindrift, Comet Control, Freak Heat Waves, Man Made Hill, Possum, Crazy Bones, Brenda, Kaleidoscope Horse, Carinae, Fuzzy Undertones, Mother Tongues, Bad Waitress, Deliluh, Vypers, The Crowleys, Luge, Seance Sisters, Two Suns, Secret Sign, Twin Rains, And You?, World News, Horseless Headmen, Dream Seer, Witchrot, and Blue Light.

Photographer Steve Danyleyko attended the festival and captured these great moments on stage.

Day 1

Day 2