Gary Numan surprised and delighted fans when it was announced he would return to Toronto during the second leg of the Savage World Tour.  The musician, considered an early pioneer of New Wave and electronic music with Tubeway Army before going solo, played a highly praised show less than a year prior at the Opera House, yet had no trouble filling the larger Phoenix Concert Theatre this time around.

A setlist made up primarily of the same songs from the Opera House gig didn’t seem to bother any of the number of fans I chatted with who had been at the December show.  In fact, cheers and raised fists were as equally jubilant when versions of “Metal”, “Down in the Park”, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”, and “Cars” were played, as they were for songs from 2018’s Savage (Songs from a Broken World) proving the cohesiveness of appeal of old and new.  Highlights off the new album included “Mercy”, “My Name Is Ruin”, and “Pray for the Pain You Serve”.

Warming up the night was Los Angeles Alternative rock band Nightmare Air.  I first caught the 3-piece back in 2010 during Canadian Music Week and became an instant fan of their infectious, energetic sound.  The band, consisting of Swaan Miller, Dave Dupuis, and Jimmy Lucido played the majority of their 8-song set from their newest album Fade Out, but treated early followers to “18 Days” and “Icy Daggers”

Gary Numan and Nightmare Air continue the tour through to December.  Check HERE for dates.

Review and Photos by Dave MacIntyre

Nightmare Air

Gary Numan