Whether you’re a music fan or in a band, checking out the Vegas live music scene is definitely something that you need to do at least once. The 24-hour nature of the city means that there’s something to do around the clock, so you’ll never be bored whether you’re simply hitting the place up on tour or staying for an extended vacation. So why is it absolutely perfect for the average musician or music fan? Let’s find out.

It Has Some Amazing Festivals

First things first – if you have the opportunity to attend or even play a festival in Vegas, it goes without saying – you jump at the chance.

Everything from the EDC to the punk-rock Warped Tour (RIP) has passed through this amazing city, and the fans flock in their droves. Despite high outside temperatures, there’s something for every kind of music aficionado.

The aforementioned EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival – is known for showcasing the biggest EDM acts in the industry, while the iHeart Radio Music Festival is perfect for pop fans. There are also plenty of others – including conferences for those keen on learning more about the ‘biz.

And if you’re traveling from overseas for the absolutely iconic Burning Man, it’s worth noting that Vegas is in the same state. Sure, the two may be about nine hours apart in the car, but if you’re only going to be in Nevada that one time…

The Parties Are Insane

Even if you’re not at a festival or a designated gig, the parties that take place around the city are as varied as they are vivacious. The music game is strong here, too, with many DJs playing residencies or guest slots at various clubs or hotels.

If the weather is warm out (just kidding, it’s Vegas… when is it not?) a pool party could well be right up your street. You’ll get the chance to meet a bunch of like-minded people, many of whom may well be in town for the same festival or show that you’re attending or playing. Have a dance, have a drink, and unwind.

There’s Fun To Be Had At All Hours

Face it – nobody ever came to Vegas to sleep! Vegas is known for a lot of things – but casinos and gambling really have to take the top spots.

Tying your first Vegas experience in with tour buddies or fellow music fans couldn’t be a better idea, because you’ll be surrounded by friends to cheer you on. Worried you’ll mess things up when you’re trying to impress? Oddschecker lists online casinos offering free spins to help you get your head in the game. And then who knows? Maybe the drinks at the show are on you!

Since the casinos are 24 hours, it means you’re not restricted by your schedule. Early bus call to head on to the next city of your tour? No problem. Fit in an hour or two on the slots or one of the tables, before you have to leave.

Of course, gambling isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, despite the fact it offers a massive selling point. From Vegas, you can do everything from helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, to enjoying an amazing array of unlimited buffets, to give you a bit of fuel for the day (or days) of rocking out ahead.

There are Loads Of “Extra” Extras

Vegas is “extra”… in fact, it basically invented the word. Nothing is too bizarre or too “out there” to fit in, which is kind of fitting for a city that’s sprung up literally in the middle of the desert – it’s pretty random indeed!

If your downtime isn’t spent partying, shopping, adventuring or eating, you should be exploring. Vegas has some real “only in Vegas” attractions, from the dancing fountains at the Bellagio to the rollercoaster at New York, New York. And, if you’ve always wanted to go to Venice but can’t quite get to Europe just yet, The Venetian hotel has you covered. They’ve gone all out with their canals and gondola rides which you can experience throughout the building. Now you can say you’ve toured in Italy… sort of!

Vegas has it all – bright lights, parties, dancing and just a little debauchery – perfect for anyone who loves living that music life!