After an opening set by Swanes, Edinburgh Indie rockers, We Were Promised Jetpacks, hit the stage of Lee’s Palace in support of their fourth and latest release, The More I Sleep The Less I Dream.  The 4-piece played a healthy dose off the new album, which was well received by fans, many of whom spent their Saturday evening in a maelstrom mosh pit that formed in the centre of Lee’s from the opening song until the closer, despite its decidedly more mellow pacing than previous releases.

Front man Adam Thompson’s signature quiet-then-loud vocals were in excellent form as he deftly stepped back from the microphone and then inched forward to achieve the incredible crescendo never tearing his gaze away from the back of the room.  Michael Palmer and Sean Smith provided the near frenetic scream of guitar and bass throughout, and Darren Lackie’s impossibly frantic yet controlled drumming kept it all together.

Highlights of the evening include new songs “Hanging In”, its lyrical style and pacing reminiscent of Manic Street Preachers, and “Make It Easier”.  Before closing the night, Thompson thanked the Toronto crowd and explained there would be no encore, not because they weren’t grateful to the audience, rather they didn’t believe in doing them and instead choose to leave everything on the floor in one go.  The night ended with a ripping version of “Ships With Holes Will Sink” from 2009’s debut album These Four Walls, and “Repeating Patterns” from the new album.

Photos and words by Dave MacIntyre