Ultra fuzzed-out Shoegaze Daydreamer, is the first LP release for Norwegian band The Age of Colored Lizards. Cascading waves of layered reverb wash over simple song structure and hollow soft vocals; dream wave meets power pop in a unique alt drone-rock fashion.

The album starts off with the title track at ultra-slow pace. The infrequent percussion cut with purposeful distorted guitar strumming creates a musical hum that sets the day dream soundscape. The lyrics are slightly pained emanating a sense of loss of something that was never attained. The album tells a story of a strained relationship which resonates feelings with the listener.

“What’s Wrong” increases in tempo with a slightly more upbeat feel. It harkens back to the band’s 80s/90s influences including Dinosaur Jr. and Built to Spill, while still maintaining a distinct overall haze, and creates a unique combination of frustration and complacency, happiness and gloom. All songs follow a steady back beat and have similar intros, allowing the listener the ease of knowing what to expect.

Rekindling a toxic relationship is addressed in “If You Want Me Back”, an all-too-real dilemma of reengaging in something that is doomed to fail. The anguish continues through “Follow” with minimally audible lyrics alluding to the lack of optimism for a positive outcome.

“It’s Alright” takes a brighter musical tone though maintaining a latent bitterness. It speaks of lazy acceptance, brushing off issues with an almost good riddance attitude.
Heavy growling guitars and clashing percussion are at the forefront of “Your Records Are Gone”, while “Still Around” returns to a poppier feel. The wistful lyrics are wrought with uncertainty while providing resolution to the seemingly failed relationship. Despite all, “you’re still around”.

The last track “Tomorrow” leaves a note of optimism at the end of the album, a look forward into what’s next.

Nicole Swanson