If it’s ever necessary to describe Silver Screams’ new EP, Alive In The Afterlife, in just a few words, those words would be loud, speedy, concise, and raw. The three-piece from Boston has returned with a follow-up to 2017’s Defective Machines.

From the start, the band comes out swinging, banging harshly on one chord for the first 14 seconds of the title track, though lead vocalist and guitarist Niff shows off some technical chops with a guitar solo around the minute and a half mark. His vocals sit atop a collage of chaotic noise.

“Stitches Up” kicks off with a lone bass groove and the guitar bleeds in with feedback. Much like the previous track, the song is an assault on the ears; the guitar whaling painfully on the eardrums. One reason punk songs are sometimes short?  Because they’re fast.

After some hurried instrumentation and shouting of the phrase “please understand,” in true hardcore punk fashion, “Understand” ends the EP.

Silver Screams is for fans of The Damned, T.S.O.L., Husker Du, and Joy Division, and
fans of 80’s punk generally speaking. It’s music to keep you awake.

Tyler Spivey