Los Angeles ska-punk band, The Interrupters, put on an incredible show at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ. This show was originally slated to be inside The Stone Pony which had been sold out, but due to renovations, was moved down the street to the much bigger space. That meant more room to dance and move around, and fans who missed out on tickets the first time around now had a second chance. The crowd was diverse and all ages including families with children who were likely seeing a show for the very first time.

As the lights dimmed, “Ghost Town” by The Specials served as the band’s intro. At that moment I knew that this was going to be a fantastic show. Lead singer Aimee Interrupter and the three Bivona brothers – Kevin (guitar), Justin (bass), and Jesse (drums) – were fully charged, hit the ground running and never stopped. Their energy ignited the audience making it feel like one giant party in a room full of smiling, dancing couples, and groups of friends. And speaking of friends, the band brought along one of their own in Billy Kottage of Reel Big Fish, to play the organ.

The set included several personal touches. Aimee makes incredible eye contact with everyone around her and her smile is infectious. When she climbed down to be with the fans and sang in front of them, it brought everyone together. The band was very appreciative to the crowd and the venue staff. Before playing their song “Kerosene”, Kevin announced that it was being dedicated to 105.5 (a mainstream rock music radio station in New Jersey, also known as WDHA-FM) and The WRAT (a Jersey Shore rock radio station).

“You guys changed our lives. And for each and every person that might have heard this song on those radio stations, we owe our entire lives to you,” he said.

It’s really nice when a band takes the time to acknowledge the area that they are performing in and give credit to local radio stations for helping them. Before ending the night with their last song “Family”, Kevin asked the audience, “Can we take a picture with you all of you guys? We don’t ever want to forget this night.”

My sentiments exactly.   Hellcat/Epitaph truly have a gem on their hands.

Review and photos by Melissa Lawlor

The Interrupters

Masked Intruder