Music is timeless and if the music is good enough, the people who play it become immortal. It’s amazing to see articles about bands like Nirvana circulating in the present-day music news, even though it’s been more than 20 years since anyone has seen Nirvana’s original lineup in a live setting.

The late Wayne Static is more than worthy of mention on this topic. The remaining original members of Static-X have been touring in his memory and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the band’s first album Wisconsin Death Trip. The group made a stop to Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom on Tuesday, November 12th.

Each of the night’s acts had a penchant for theatrics. The show kicked off with Raven Black. This is a female-fronted ensemble back by male instrumentalists. The band appeared in face paint and costumes. The singer waved around an umbrella while performing at the beginning of the set.

Wednesday 13 took the stage afterwards. The group as a whole was covered in body paint and the lead vocalist utilized masks and stage props. The front row audience was privileged enough to be doused with the aforementioned body paint.

Dope followed Wednesday 13. Oddly enough, It’s also been 20 years since the release of Dope’s first album. Their set list included a cover of “you spend me round” by Dead or Alive.

Static-X closed the show with a set that spanned their entire career. The vocalist dubbed “Xer0” wore a mask in the image of Wayne Static. Loudwire has recently reported that this vocalist is Edsel from Dope.

A show like this makes a person realize that the music someone makes is important. Even if that music was made a long time ago or even if the musician is no longer among the living. Wayne Static may be gone but his music is still here and after seeing a show like this, it’s impossible to say that his music doesn’t matter in the present day.

Words and photos by Tyler Spivey