Disarm was founded in January 2016 by two professional photo-journalists with over 10 years of writing and photography experience in Toronto’s broad and competitive arts & culture scene. Since then, we’ve published over 550 original articles on film, music, TV, culture including reviews, recommendations, live events, music gigs, artist interviews and long-form culture essays covering local music as well as film, music and culture more broadly. We also feature an original & exclusive live music / festival and cultural photography archive. We’ve had stellar feedback from the industry, our subjects and readers alike. We’ve also created over 30 original music playlists featuring our recommendations of new music and musical discoveries from different genres and eras. Our freelance writing contributors have hailed from across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. and our work is seen by many thousands of readers, creators, industry players, artists and fans in those countries and beyond every month. Our contributing writers are from all over Canada, the United States and the UK, and sometimes beyond. We are creating a new type of magazine with 90s values (and humour) and a traditional level of quality. Always original and always authentic. Thank you for visiting. Tell your friends.

We are Independent // Creative // Passionate // Knowledgeable // Ear to the Ground // Open-minded // MUSIC LOVERS.

We write original reviews, essays, gig reports & photograph music events that matters: Loosely categorized as Alternative, Indie, Shoegaze, Brit pop, 90’s British Rock,College Rock“, Electronic, ManchesterGlam (and more from the 80s, 90s and today). We write about the many great newer bands carrying the torch today across all genres of meaningful, authentic music.

We celebrate the unsung heroes of music, film, art, culture, media and life; originals and iconclasts;  rebels and artists with integrity.

We have interviewed many established musicians as well as emerging bands, and specialize in original playlists featuring our favourites and recommended artists with over 30 playlists to date. We are not named for any song, but for an approach and a skill in communication.

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief/ Principal Photographer – Dave MacIntyre

Co-founder /Features & (Counter) Culture Editor – Jacqueline Howlett

Our Co-founding editors, who work often as a photo- journalism team, bring years of dynamic and reliable experience in photo journalism, written journalism and essays (previously for Popmatters (1,2,3) Soundproof, Examiner to name a few) and have created original photography and writing for Canadian Music Week, NXNE, Mayhem, Heavy TO, Virgin Music Fest, BIG Music Fest, Gigantour, Digital Dreams, Mad Decent Block Party, Uproar, RetroFutura, Bestival Toronto, Wayhome Music & Arts Festival, Riot Fest, VELD, Bonnaroo, Shiiine On Weekender (U.K.) and many other festivals and gigs.

We have a small but dedicated group of contributing writers and photographers who provide additional reviews, festival and gig coverage. Our contributors come with deep links to music, indie labels, are media grads, filmmakers, and people in the arts who bring a variety of perspectives on music, film and culture from the U.K., U.S. and Canada (from coast to coast).

We welcome invitations for gig reviews, regularly cover the festival beat on tight deadlines and review music or conduct interviews as requested. We’d love to hear from you.

Submission Policy:

Interested in writing for us?

Please first review our overall style and attitude. Notice what we don’t do and who we don’t cover. If an “artist” is more known for their dating life, their press releases or their “beefs” they aren’t for us. We are interested in music, film, social issues, art and culture, not gossip. We aren’t your average bear.

You may pitch original story ideas or send us full submissions (including a brief, 3 line synopsis) to be considered. We’ll notify you if we’d like to use the piece. All writers will be credited for their work.

Please don’t send us editorial-type pieces (“I like this film”) all writing should be in the third person (“This film succeeds because..”). The first person is used only in editorial pieces written by our editors.

Subjects should be original and interesting, well informed and entertaining/enlightening. If you are writing about a 90s band or event, you should understand and discuss the band or event with knowledge and within the context of its time.

Your writing should be polished, concise, fact/spelling/name checked and error-free. There should not be “its or it’s” errors or basic grammar issues for your work to be considered.

It can be written in AP or CP style, and you can use whichever spellings are correct in your country (e.g. “neighbourhood/neighborhood).

Ideally, you have a social media presence and some prior work to share with us. All pitches and submissions can be sent to: disarmmagazine@gmail.com

Media kits & media requests can also be sent to disarmmagazine@gmail.com

To discuss partnerships/advertising or featured promotional space (or sponsorship) for relevant non-profit groups in music and the arts, contact us.

All original written content, concepts and ideas, as well as photography, is copyright Disarm Magazine and the authors 2017 unless otherwise indicated.

Please do not reprint any text, aside from brief excerpts for review, acknowledgement or artist promotion, with credit and original links included to the source page. If you want to reprint longer excerpts, full articles or feature our original photography on your website or in social media please contact us first.

Site disclaimer: All content / written material and photography is protected by copyright (Disarm Magazine 2015-2017). General use: Do not reprint contents of this site including photography without prior written consent. If you wish to link, refer, quote or excerpt any of our materials, aside from in a “hey, read this article” way,  contact us for permission.

Artist use: We aim to support creators, subjects /artists featured in our writing/ photography and owners (i.e. record labels or publishers) and so these parties may link or briefly excerpt our material for purposes of promotion of those artists with links to the original article and with the author / photographer named. In such cases, our written copy or photography cannot be altered or watermarks removed. This limited use extends only to digital publication.

Use in print: To request to use any of our photography, written materials or intellectual property, whether high/res print quality or web quality images and text, we require that you contact the site owner / publisher for written permission and for a quote.

We aim wherever possible to link to official sources and channels for artists work, music for sale/downloads (and tickets/ merchandise) but in some cases for the purpose of review and discussion will use the necessary evil of YouTube channels that are often run by posters who may not be rightful owners of the copyright.  Please take the time to continue to buy music from direct sources and support musicians at all stages of development. It’s important.

Contributing past or occasional writers include: Adam Hammond, Phil Locke, Cory Zydyk, Preston Corbell, Steve Pipps, Justin Rawana, Alex Gougeon, Luke Williams, Darcy Smith, Jordan Chevalier, Tony Hinds, Dustin Ragucos, Steve Danyleyko (photography), DJ Skip, Tyler Spivey, Jane Liang, Stephen Porzio along with a cast of visiting freelance voices from across Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and beyond.