Nanaki is a Post-Rock project by Isle Of Man's Michael Daugherty that explores elements of Shoegaze, Post-Punk and Slowcore. Listen to "I Still Remember"

Mogwai’s Barry Burns on Festival No. 6 and Writing Bits for an Above-Average Band

2017 is turning into a very good year for Mogwai. It's some twenty years since they first announced their arrival with the Young Team album and...

Holy Hum

Holy Hum encapsulates the space in Andrew Lee’s mind where he thinks about sound, whether it be in strictly abstracted forms, like in art...

Light Comes From The Abyss

Light Comes From The Abyss is a Post-Rock and Metal group based in Clermont-Ferrand and Bordeaux. The two musicians draw from influences including Progressive...

In Snow

In Snow is a four-piece instrumental post-rock group from Birmingham, Alabama. Their debut record was released through Step Pepper Records in 2013.  Their second record,...

Neo Noire

Neo Noire mix different styles of alternative rock and post/psychedelic rock with metal.  The band celebrates their very own form of hybrid rock in a...


Audiolepsia is an instrumental prog/post-rock band from Barcelona.  Emotive melodies, full force moments, amazing and intense atmospheres. Listen to "Charlotte"


Pennsylvania-based ambient Post-Rock band Heron have released their debut album You Are Here Now.  The band "plies a particularly entrancing brand of instrumental rock...


Glories is a post-rock collective of musicians based in Birmingham, Alabama.  They began composing music in the fall of 2011. Through creativity and a...

Mute Swan

Guitar-heavy and melody-driven, Mute Swan draw from 90's psychedelic, shoegaze and post-rock. Listen to "Never Born"

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