Worthy Causes

We Support the Following Worthy Causes: 
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The Joe Strummer Foundation (Global)

“Mission Statement: The Joe Strummer Foundation gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects around the world that create social mobility through music.

Specific Objectives:

  1. The prevention or relief of poverty, particularly of young people, anywhere in the world by providing: grants, items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.
  2. To promote, improve, develop and maintain the education of the public in the art, culture and science of music in all its aspects for the public benefit, in particular young musicians, including by the provision of funds for the purchase of musical instruments and studio rehearsal.
  3. To promote, improve and advance the arts, including music, for the public benefit including by the presentation of exhibitions, public events and concerts. ” (Via The Joe Strummer Foundation.)

The Joe Strummer Foundation runs projects to benefit many worthy community efforts in places around the globe. You can get involved in various ways, including holding an event with proceeds earmarked to go to the foundation. Here are some recent events from their archive, including Strummerville at Glastonbury, Strummerjam and events in places as far flung as Toronto Canada and Osaka Japan. The spirit of Joe Strummer lives in the efforts of friends, fans and volunteers to spread his messages of community, personal power, and giving back, often while working outside of formal systems.

If you are a website owner, you can fly a Joe Strummer banner on your website and link to the foundation. http://joestrummerfoundation.org/

Alzheimer Society Music Project (Canada, nationwide)

VISION A world without Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.


To offer support, information and education to people affected by dementia, to increase public awareness of dementia, to promote research, and to advocate for services that respect the dignity of the individual.


The mission of the Alzheimer Society is to alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and to promote research. (Via Alzheimer Society.)

You can very easily make a difference to people living with dementia by donating an old iPod which will be personalized and gifted to a person in need. This is a great group project that could be easily applied to school drives, office campaigns, or teams and make a real difference in your community. VOLUNTEER

Music Project.ca 

Reconciliation: The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund

“Why You? Why Now?

It’s time for us to acknowledge communities white Canadians have been trained for decades to ignore. It’s time to do something. It’s time to start a new relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Mike and Gord Downie, alongside the Wenjack family, have launched the Fund as a way to jumpstart this important work, starting today. Starting now.

The residential school system has had a lasting impact on the equity, wellbeing and rightful place of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. This fund is part of Gord Downie’s legacy, commitment and recognition of the wounds that will take seven generations to heal.

A contribution to the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund is a catalyst. Contribute to the fund and be part of the movement to jumpstart reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Working together, we can end the pattern of misunderstanding, betrayal and ignorance shown to First Peoples.” (Via The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund)

Secret Path: What began as ten poems written by Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip) was expanded into an album and a corresponding comic book by Jeff Lemire. All proceeds of the album

will be donated to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba.  Secret Path acknowledges a dark part of Canada’s history—the long-suppressed mistreatment of Indigenous children and families by the residential school system—with the hope of starting our country on a road to reconciliation.

Buy the album or book here. https://www.downiewenjack.ca/

 VAD Foundation

“The Valention Achak Deng Foundation is a nonprofit organization working in South Sudan to create community-driven development projects. Established by Valentino Deng and Dave Eggers after the publication of What is the What, the Foundation’s first major project is the construction and operation of an 18-structure educational complex in Valentino’s hometown of Marial Bai, South Sudan.

Marial Bai Secondary School (MBSS) has increased access to excellent secondary education, trained teachers, created equal opportunities for girls, and promoted literacy for children and adults in the region. MBSS is the highest ranking South Sudanese secondary school that is free for students to attend, a true leader in the movement to educate the new nation of South Sudan. ” (Via VAD Foundation).

We’ve never been around for the start of a non-profit foundation’s journey before we read What is the What and learned Valentino’s story. At the time of the book, the foundation was in it’s early infancy. It was so impressive, in an era of the aughts when good people were already getting fatigued by the intrusive and too easy nature of many established orgs that now had ways to get them through email, social media as well as by traditional means. VAD (please read the book, it will change you) was something very different. We signed up to the email list and received regular updates (but not too regular, occasional actually) long before they had a robust website like they do today, about the first ever school being built by the foundation, and only received one request for a donation annually. The gratitude, communication style and inclusiveness was so rare and unusual, that this project is one we’ve been happy to promote in whatever ways we can.

Rebuilding in Southern Sudan continues, read more here. Donate here. The book information is here.http://www.vadfoundation.org/

Jail Guitar Doors “Changing Lives Through the Power of Music” / “The Loudest Charity on Planet Earth” (launched by Billy Bragg in the UK, has grown into the US)

“In 1978, The Clash released the song, “Jail Guitar Doors,” telling the story of the imprisonment of their fellow musician Wayne Kramer. In 2007, to honor the life of Clash founder, Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg launched an initiative to provide musical equipment used to rehabilitate inmates serving time in Her Majesty’s Prisons in the UK. His initiative is named for that very same song, “Jail Guitar Doors.” In 2009, Wayne Kramer partnered with Billy Bragg to found Jail Guitar Doors USA. Together, their combined effort continues the mission for prisoners in America. The circle is unbroken.

 Billy Bragg and Joe Henry (as well as many other of your favourite musicians) have lent their time and resources while on their current tour to Jail Guitar Doors, donating instruments to be utilized by substance misuse officers in prisons who have designed a pathway program to encourage prisoners to detox from drugs, learn how to stay off and gain skills that will help with employability on release.